Let us introduce two places at once to you.

When it comes to a wedding. The first is the Kisduna Restaurant-Guesthouse, ideal for classic wedding dinners and merriment. The restaurant with it's wedding ornaments can take up to 120 people with a seat at a table, so then there will be still a place for a dance floor. The menu and drinks are matched with the guests requirements. Next to the Restaurant there is a Guesthouse where there are 18 rooms are still free for 40 people and the honeymoon room, thus the party doesn't have to stop early.



A második helyszín a Laffert Kortárs Kúria, mely az étteremtől 200 méterre található. A Laffert Kortárs Kúria egy 2011-ben felújított barokk kúria, mely Dunaharaszti szívében található.


The chateau is a perfect place for wedding events, also with a proper standing buffet. The wedding takes place in the ceremonial hall and the standing buffet takes place in the almost 340 sqm long limestoned terrace, depends on what's the weather like. The welcoming can start with a soft champagne welcoming drink, then it can be followed up with any kind of buffet you'd like. The ornamental gardens with lavenders is a perfect spot to take pictures, meaning your guests won't be left alone.

The two places can be used at once as a bigger event ofcourse.

The following list can guide you through our options before we meet to talk about the event itself.

Friday's Wedding discount
If you choose to make your wedding take date on a friday instead of saturday, you will get 10% off the prices.